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11.24.08      [News]   Patrick wins in Australia!

Samson Monster Truck - Brisbane Sony Play Station 3 Monster Truck World Finals
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A personal note from Dan Patrick: “I had the privilege and rare opportunity to be invited to compete in the South Pacific Sony Play Station 3 Monster Truck World Finals at the Brisbane Entertainment Center in Brisbane, Australia on November 15 th. The event was promoted by KC Fireworks Displays Australia & Outback Thunda Promotions. Clive Featherby and his family are truly the ambassadors of monster trucks in Australia. It was nice to just be able to get in something different to drive that you didn’t have to spend the time to get it ready to race. Kreg Christensen did an excellent job in helping Clive’s team get the trucks ready for such an important event. The number of displays done prior to the event was impressive. The amount of time spent in preparing the truck and every small detail was covered. The one thing that stood out was the amount of air brushing that was done on the vehicles that ultimately were going to be destroyed, was impressive as well. Another thing that I noticed was that what little time I had to watch the show, the fans did not leave their seats. They stayed in their seats until the end of the show. That tells you that the crowd was entertained! You can’t ask for anything more!! As for here in the states, the monster truck shows get bigger and better as time goes on. The same will happen in Australia as well. Hats off to Clive, his family, the teams and crew that do a great job representing the Monster Truck Industry!!"-
Sincerely, Dan Patrick
The Event Story:

See the Photo Gallery and more of this story at "The Monster Blog"

The stage was set Saturday night in Brisbane for Australia's biggeest monster truck event ever...the South Pacific Sony Playstation 3 Monster Truck World Finals at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Ten drivers would compete for the racing and freestyle titles, with four U.S. drivers brought in take on Australia's best, including Kreg Christensen driving Scooby Doo, Dan Patrick piloting the Sony Playstation 3 Motorstorm truck, James Tigue II driving Batman and Paul Shafer behind the wheel of Monster Patrol. The racing battle would be held on a J-hook syle course and it was Kreg Christensen taking the top spot in qualifying followed closely by Clive Featherby in Outback Thunda. Dan Patrick, James Tigue II and Paul Shafer would round out the top 5.

Autraulia Monster Truck Racing
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The semi-finals would come down to two U.S. drivers and two Australian drivers, as James Tigue II in Batman would face off against Clive Featherby in Outback Thunda, while Dan Patrick in Motorstorm would be up against Billy Luther in the Aussie Predator. Christensen's evening came to an early end after Scooby Doo's engine expired during his first round win. Tigue would be unable to make the call for the semi-finals as Batman would not fire, giving Featherby a bye in the finals. In a close race, Billy Luther put forth an impressive showing against the veteran Dan Patrick, but Patrick would prevail taking Motorstorm into the finals. It would be one of the USA's most veteran drivers versus Australia's most veteran driver for the racing championship, and it was a wild race. Coming out of the J-turn neck and neck, Featherby slid out and right into Patrick's Motorstorm, making contact and forcing him to back up allowing Patrick to power over the cars for the victory. Dan Patrick was crowned the 2008 Australian Monster Truck World Finals Racing champion, the second championship title in his storied career.

Autraulia Monster Truck Racing
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Next up would be freestyle, and with tons of obstacles to destroy, it was sure to be wild. Aussie drivers Sherri Shafer and Jaye Featherby started the competition with solid efforts, but it was Billy Luther who kicked freestyle into high gear with a strong run in Aussie Predator. With some nice jumps and plenty of momentum, Luther was putting forth a strong run when he came over the cars crooked, hitting one of the larger stacks with the front tire upon landing, sending the truck up and over onto its roof, tearing off the wheel in the process. The fans went wild and awarded Luther the current high score of 24. The strong runs kept coming as Billy Featherby in Outback Thunda 2, James Tigue II in Batman and Paul Shafer in Monster Patrol took to the course, but each would fall just short of Luther's 24. Next up however would be Kreg Christensen returning to the competition in the Sony Playstation 3 Motorstorm truck, after Dan Patrick graciously stepped aside for the hard charging Christensen. Christensen proceeded to show the Australian fans why he is considered one of the USA's top freestyle drivers with a great freestyle featuring big air, tons of momentum, a huge reverser, and a demolished RV camper. The performance would vault Christensen into the lead with a score of 27 and only Clive Featherby and Outback Thunda left to run.Featherby roared onto the track and wasted no time, going straight for the RV camper and blasting through it. The big move came at a price however, as the front axle broke leaving Outback Thunda with only rear wheel drive. Featherby continued to push the wounded truck, hitting obstacle after obstacle until the truck simply wouldn't go anymore. The Aussie fans saluted their top national driver's efforts, but it would only be good enough for score of 24 and a tie for second place, making Kreg Christensen the 2008 Australian Monster Truck World Finals Freestyle champion. The title would be the second of Christensen's career also. It was a history making night in Brisbane as Australia's biggest monster truck event ever was a smashing success. In a close battle, the U.S. drivers prevailed despite the best efforts of Australia's Clive Featherby, taking runner-up in each competition. Both Patrick and Christensen added another championship to their already impressive resumes. The real winners of the night were the Australian fans however, as they got the chance to see their countrymen hold their own against some of the USA's best drivers in a great event. A big thanks to Clive Featherby and the KC's Fireworks staff for providing the results from the event, and be sure to check out www.KCsFireworks.com for more coverage from the event and further information on the Australian Monsters Tour of Destruction.

For more coverage on the event visit, also check out:

09.24.08      [News]   Samson and Dan Patrick head to Australia!
Samson Monster Truck - Brisbane Sony Play Station 3 Monster Truck World Finals - Brisbane, Autralia

Dan and his wife, Chris, are heading "down under" to Brisbane, Australia in November. Dan has been asked by Clive Featherby of the Australian Monsters Tour of Destruction, to be a part of his event to be held at the Brisbane Entertainment Center on November 15, 2008. This event is considered to be the Largest Monster Spectacular's ever in Australia. Clive owns several monster trucks, such as Outback Thunda, Batman Begins, Monster Patrol, Devils Dodge, Scooby Doo and Motor Storm among others. Dan will also be a part of the press and TV meetings prior to the show. This will be a nationally televised event. Dan said, "We feel very honored to be asked to come to Australia and look forward to our journey...but don't they drive on the 'wrong side' of the road down there?"

For more information on the Australia Monsters Tour of Destruction, check out these websites:

04.15.08      [News]   Samson Performs In Hometown Show
Samson Monster Truck - Monster Nationals

Check out Brutus the Buckeye in Samson at the Monster Nationals March 29, 2008 at the Value City Arena on The Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio. Check out the Media Page for more pictures & info from the event.


2.25.08      [News]  New Samson Die Cast Truck Toy Makes Debut
Samson Monster Truck Toys


New Samson toys are now available!!   The new "Samson" 1:64 die cast feature a pullback motor & racing action. Check out the Merchandise Page to get yours today!!

      Samson Monster Truck Toys


01.15.08      [News]  New Samson Truck Makes Debut
amson Monster Truck

Dan debuted the brand new Samson right out of the box, so to speak, at the Monster Nationals in Huntington, WV Saturday night Jan 12th. He worked extremely hard to get the truck built for this event.
Dan was very pleased with the performance and handling of the new truck, having the fastest qualifying time for the night and taking the win in the racing competition for his first event of 2008. Check out the Media page for some photos of the truck's debut.

Dan will have this weekend off, which will give him some more time to finely tune and go over and re-check the new chassis for his next Monster Nationals event in Madison, Wisconsin Jan 25, 26, 27th.

In the meantime, the previous Samson truck has found a new home at the Fun-Spot of Florida Park in Orlando, Florida. The truck is displayed in an area in the front of the park where a Monster Truck Cafe is being planned. They plan to elevate it (like it was displayed at Race Rock) and use it as the center piece for the new Monster Truck Cafe.



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