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March 14, 2006

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Rounds 1 & 2 Are In The Books!!

Murrieta, CA – Rounds 1 & 2 of the Monsters of Destruction National Monster Truck Series took place at the Eastern New Mexico State Fairgrounds this past weekend and displayed some of the closest racing in monster truck history. In the Straight Line Drag Final of Round 1, #05 Bigfoot edged out #50 Samson by .006 seconds and in the Straight Line Drag Final of Round 2, the returning MOD Series Champion #01 Dragon Slayer defeated #50 Samson by .009 seconds.

“This weekend I was on the wrong end of a couple final round appearances by thousandths of a second,” said Dan Patrick, owner and driver of the #50 Samson. “But we were the most consistent team all weekend and that is what it is going to take to win the championships here.”

Round One of the Monsters of Destruction Series will be one to remember with the closest race in MOD’s history and maybe in the history of monster truck racing taking place in the finals of Straight Line Drags. MOD Officials verified the call with the finish line camera to insure that the winner was correct. Rick Long in the #05 Ford Bigfoot took the first win of the 2006 season in Straight Line Drags with the #50 Samson a close second and Rick Swanson in the #95 Obsession took the first win of 2006 in Obstacle Course Racing with the #50 Samson again taking second place.

Paul Jensen in his #02 Spider-Man and Frank Schettini in the #11 Monster Jerky experienced what it was like racing for a purse and fighting mechanical problems during Round One. #02 Spider-Man fought starter issues and #11 Monster Jerky was troubled by fuel problems. Even though the participants of the series are fighting for both points and purse money, Team KCM was right there for Swanson in his #95 Obsession and loaned #95 Obsession a rear tire off of Jensen’s #02 Spider-Man for the remainder of the Round after he blew a bead in Straight Line Drags.

Round Two would also see teams face some tough adversity. Rick Long in the #05 Bigfoot broke a right rear axle and would not compete in Straight Line Drags. With help from Jim Kramer, Rick Long was able to change the axle and compete in Obstacle Course Racing. The #11 Monster Jerky would blow a motor during qualifying and not return to action in Round Two. Dan Patrick in the #50 Samson would take second place to the #01 Dragon Slayer in Straight Line Drags but would seek his first victory of 2006 in Obstacle Course Racing over Jensen’s #02 Spider-Man.

“Monsters of Destruction is going to redefine monster truck racing,” said Chris Kingston, President of Milestone Motorsports, Inc. “You can only see this type of competition and racing at one of our events. We do not own any trucks and do not call out winners based on what someone may have seen at the finish line or on a specific trucks merchandise sales. Our timing equipment is state of the art and can call races within a thousandth of a second like it did twice this weekend. When we crown a champion, the team can say they are a true series champion, not a champion of one event!”

All rounds of competition for 2006 will be nationally televised on The Outdoor Channel. If you cannot witness the event first hand, just tune in every Saturday and watch it from the comfort of your living room.

For more information regarding the Monsters of Destruction National Monster Truck Series, log on to www.monstersofdestruction.com.

About Monsters of Destruction (MOD)

Monsters of Destruction is the only true monster truck racing series featuring electronic timing equipment and the best competition in monster trucks today. Monsters of Destruction consists of 26 annual rounds of competition and features Straight Line Drag Racing, Obstacle Course Racing and Monster Truck Freestyle. All rounds of competition are nationally televised on The Outdoor Channel.

About Milestone Motorsports, Inc.

Milestone Motorsports, Inc. is the largest independent licensing agency in the monster truck industry. Milestone Motorsports, Inc. also owns and promotes the Monsters of Destruction National Monster Truck Series that is nationally televised on The Outdoor Channel. For more information about Milestone Motorsports, Inc log on to  www.milestonemotorsports.com.